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Platform Overview

mapbenefits™ was designed specifically for executive benefit plan administration and asset/liability management utilizing Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI), Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and taxable mutual funds. This unsurpassed platform addresses both the needs of executive participants and the reporting requirements needed for corporate accounting, finance and human resources (HR) departments. Participants use mapbenefits™ to manage their personal account information, complete enrollment and access real time account activity.  The mapbenefits™ application is utilized by company HR and finance administrators to view dynamic corporate level reporting, statements and employee account details.


View functionality by access rights: 


mapbenefits™ can be used to administer the following plans:

  • Deferred Compensation Plans (fixed and variable)

  • Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)

  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)

  • Executive Disability Income Plans

  • Executive Long Term Care Plans

  • Split-Dollar Plans


mapbenefits™ provides a variety of ways one can utilize its technology and intellectual capital to access the non-qualified plan business.  These include:

  • Platform Plan - access to the entire mapbenefits™ platform including control over all functionality and reporting.

  • Consulting Plan - same as the Platform plan with an enhanced level of support for plan implementation and on-going consulting.

  • Partner Plan - mapbenefits™ provides all plan administration and controls all functionality and service directly to the client.

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Plan Administrator


mapbenefits™ Plan Administrator functionality includes the ability to:​

  • Create and Manage Accounts (Clients)

  • Create and Manage Benefit Plans

  • Create and Customize Vesting Schedules

  • Create and Customize Participant Statements

  • Manage Enrollment

  • Manage Participants

  • Process Change Requests

  • Provide Dynamic and Custom Reporting

  • Create and Share Service Calendars

  • Provide Asset/Liability Management

  • Transition Existing Plans from Other Administrative Platforms

  • Access to mapbenefits™ Support Site and Materials

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Plan Sponsor

mapbenefits™ Plan Sponsor functionality includes the ability to:​

  • Access Accounting and Reconciliation Reports

  • View Participant Elections and Benefits

  • View Fund Information and Account Rate of Returns

  • Utilize the Service Calendar

  • Access Real Time Reports (100+)

  • View Historical Reports

  • View Participant Statements

  • View Plan Information

  • Access the Support Site and FAQ's

  • Utilize the Retirement and Risk Planning Tools

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Plan Participant


mapbenefits™ Plan Participant functionality includes the ability to:

  • View Elections and Benefits

  • Change Elections

  • View Fund Information and Account Rate of Returns

  • Manage Fund Allocations

  • View Personal Rate of Return Charts

  • Access Support Site and FAQ's

  • View Plan Information

  • Complete Online Enrollment

  • View Participant Statements

  • View Historical Reports

  • Access Real Time Reports

  • Access to the Retirement and Risk Planning Tools

  • Access to the mapbenefits™ mobile app

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