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We know that our clients are at the foundation of our success and it is our job to help them strengthen their products, services and portfolios. Whether you are a corporation, financial firm or 401(k) provider, see how our mapbenefits platform can help you.   


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Corporations are either administering their own plan or have outsourced the plan administration to a third party.  With mapbenefits, companies can:


1) significantly enhance their in-house capabilities of administrating their own plan or


2) embrace the administration themselves and pivot away from having their plan managed and controlled by a third party 

mapbenefits empowers companies to create, control and customize their own administrative solution which will deliver more value to plan participants while reducing risk and cost for the company.  

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Financial Firms


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Financial firms with client relationships often have to partner with a third party to administer the plan. This results in reduced income, sharing of a client relationship and increased risk. With mapbenefits, the financial firm can either: 


1) administer the plan themselves effectively increasing their income, regaining 100% control over the client relationship and controlling all service deliverables or


2) partner with mapbenefits for plan administration 

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401(k) Providers

Most 401(k) providers and asset managers overlook the executive deferred compensation plan as an opportunity to increase income and provide client value. This is driven by lack of knowledge in this space and more specifically, no access to a platform for administering non-qualified plans.  


mapbenefits is an opportunity for 401(k) providers to capture ALL deferrals, including deferrals from highly compensated employees which can make up the majority of their participant income deferrals. Moreover, mapbenefits allows 401(k) providers to complete their service offering by consulting and providing plan administration for deferred compensation plans. Integrating the 401(k) plan with a robust deferred compensation plan will not only differentiate you from your competition but also allow you to work more closely with executive decisions makers. With mapbenefits, the 401(k) provider can either:


1) administer the plan themselves effectively increasing income and their value proposition or


2) partner with mapbenefits for plan administration and allow us to integrate your 401(k) plan into a world class deferred compensation plan  


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